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Skills and Talents

Languages: PHP, JavaScript, Golang, Unix shell (Bourne), C++, misc. others

Markups/data: HTML, CSS/LESS, JSON, SQL + many more
Databases/stores: MySQL, MongoDB, MSSQL, Redis
Environment/Other: Node.js, MemcachedAPCApacheLighttpd, nginx, Gearman, Linux, Windows, OS X


Lead Backend Software Engineer
Grooveshark in Gainesville, FL
2011 – Present

Grooveshark <> was a music streaming service that allowed you to listen to any song you want for free. Boasting 30+ million monthly active users, it was one of the biggest on-demand music streaming services.

  • Worked on scaling the service to 30 million users using performance-minded programming practices (frontend and backend).
  • Planned, programmed and maintained both the public API used by third-parties for integration as well as the primary private API for the service.
  • Managed and led others working on backend features and internal tools.
  • Heavy involvement in frontend development as well as backend with an in-depth, prototypal javascript understanding.
  • Helped develop real-time features like collaborative editable playlists and a collaborative listening experience named broadcast (frontend and backend). Included node.js, javascript, php, redis, mysql and mongodb components.
Lead PHP Developer & Network Administrator
Net Works in Daytona Beach, FL
2007 – 2011

Net Works <> is a web development & data center company providing hosting services with failover support to provide premier development and hosting solutions.

  • Actively involved with the entire network: failover setup, firewall, managed switches, router, generator testing, and network provisioning.
  • Worked with the managed hosting servers and on-demand support for others, mainly consisting of Windows/IIS/PHP5/MySQL5 and Linux/Apache/PHP5/MySQL5. Also was the database administrator of the MSSQL 2005 server.
  • Lead programmer on most projects and sites – mainly consists of OO PHP5 programming, database design, setting up performance features for larger sites (such as APC and Memcached), JavaScript programming, performance optimizations and security.
Computer Technician & PHP developer
Ormond Computers in Ormond Beach, FL
2006 – 2007

Community Involvement

Helped develop components (AJAX, box model related) for the opensource FuseJS JavaScript framework. Involved in many aspects of the project including: ajax, error handling, element positioning, JavaScript-based test suite and PHP dependency resolver.

Forked the opensource Backbone.js to Bedrock with a streamlined object creation flow, performance improvements and bulk stripped out. Opensourced the initial okq code (a distributed go-based reliable event queueing).

50+ voluntary community service hours within the local community for food and toy delivery during Thanksgiving/Christmas.


Daytona State College with honors AS in Network Administration
Classes toward a Computer Science degree


At work, I find passion in interesting software and happiness in great coworkers. My entrepreneurial nature is always craving a challenge and I take pride that I’ve been successful at filling that craving. I’ve done a couple of talks on scaling web apps and debugging on the web that were enjoyable. Side software projects that deal with audio, queuing, performance and frameworks all fascinate me. While not programming, I really enjoy PC games, photography, traveling, music and adventuring outdoors.